8 ways to spot your prospect’s dominant emotions

How do you know what your prospects are feeling?

1. Walk a mile in your prospect’s shoes.

This means that you sit back and think about your prospects. At age 50 years and above,one wakes up with various aches in the body. See yourself going to see a doctor and complaining of a pain on your left leg or your back.The doctor prescribes some drugs which you do not want to take. Is there something that you can do to improve your health? Do you have a medical cover?

2. Chat up your friends and family.

Ask questions like,which benefits have the greatest value to them and why? What would prevent them from buying your product right now?How do they feel about other products similar to yours? As you talk to them,be sensitive to the intensity with which they respond to your questions? This will give you clues as to how to market your product.

3. Talk to strangers.

It is not easy to start a conversation to a stranger but it is good to say hello to him or her. Talk about the weather and other issues of interest and if someone asks what you are doing…..say …”right now am writing about………”fill in the blank with whatever it is you are writing about. Let them comment what they know about the product and listen the emotions in which he or she talks about the topic.

4. Immerse yourself in the popular culture.

Take a day off from your house and research your product from magazines,newspapers,TV etc.Go to the bookstore and read through the  non-fiction bestsellers for titles that connect with the subject at hand. If possible,buy some of those books or magazines. Write some points in your note pad. Go back home and start your work.

Look at the topics covered more than once or twice. That is a clues that this is a major issue my market is consumed with.

Note the tone of articles on those topics and the emotions.

Look for phrases that capture the essence and energy of what you are going to be saying powerfully and quickly. The best ones may becomes my subheads or headlines.

Look for ads that appear several times in the magazine,this gives some ideas for the type of emotion you are trying to connect with. Pick out some great piece of data to add credibility to your copy.

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