Waking up at 4.30am to prepare breakfast for the family,is not one of those easy things to do. For a mother it is not an option but a necessity. I woke up the other day,and as I was preparing the breakfast I found myself thinking how I manage to boil water for two of my … Continue reading MAMA’S NITTY GRITTY

The shocker

There is nothing as shocking as waking up and finding the candidate you hoped would win in the election, is the loser. I am talking about USA. This is not my country but her political stability affects the whole world bearing in mind that USA is a big brother to most of the developing nations … Continue reading The shocker

Life at a glance

Sometimes people take for granted the family. I have come to know that family are the only people who you cannot choose. One can choose friends or enemies but family are always part of you.Their different characters mold you into who you are. You must be ready to accept their variations and learn from them.